Thank you for applying to I Like Your Work’s Exhibition! As a thank you, please enjoy this video and here is a code  to receive $20 off your first month of The Works! 

The Works is a professional practice course designed for artists by artist Erika b Hess. This is the content she teaches at various colleges and classes. The Works helps you to document and organize your materials, find new spaces and reach out for  opportunities. Erika uses her experience as an artist and in running I Like Your Work to help you in your professional practice. The Works also has a private artist community for you to ask questions and engage! Each week new content is released on the site to help you move forward. 


Social media is a free way to engage with new people and spaces. Think of it as your own gallery space where you get to curate the work that you want to share. 


– Create a great bio

– Make sure your profile isn’t set to private

– Posting best practices

– When to post

– Software to help post


Update your bio
Update your instagram if needed based off the information in this lesson

Investigate LinkTree or posting software if you feel this will add time to your practices

*This video is an example of the weekly videos released from The Works. Each month you will receive 4 videos with goals and various events from artist talks, Q & As and mini workshops.