As you invite people into your studio you want to take into account WHO is coming into your studio. Each person has a different agenda when it comes to seeing your work and you want to adjust your approach to respond apporpriately.


Artist: Artists visit other artists’ studios to talk about what they are working on. Ideas etc. If you have never had a studio visit before, asking an artist to come in is a great way to start. The pressure is less because you aren’t trying to sell your work to them or get them to pick you up for their gallery.

Curator: A curator comes to a studio as they are putting together an exhibition. They often have an idea of what type of show they are curating already in mind.

Gallerist :There are a ton of different types of gallerists because many times it is dependent on their market and personality. Gallerists are NOT artists (although some are). This means talking about techniques may not be of interest to them. They may want to to know more about the ideas or “story” because this is the way they can connect to their audience.

Buyer: A buyer is anyone else who comes into your studio and they may become a collector.