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This free class is part of The Works, an online resource designed to support artists by providing them tools to develop and improve their professional practice, advance their careers, and grow their network. As a member you will receive access to four in-depth lessons per month which cover various aspects of an artist’s practice. Depending on your needs, you can access dripped courses with our monthly membership option, or at any time and any order with our annual option. Join by April 30th to be part of our Spring cohort and get promotional pricing!

Courses in The Works

Month 1: Professional Materials
Month 2: Organization
Month 3: Social Media
Month 4: Websites
Month 5: Open Calls
Month 6: Applying to Grants
Month 7: Residencies
Month 8: Financial Basics
Month 9: Creating Opportunities
Month 10: Studio Visits
Month 11: Time Management
Month 12: Galleries

Here’s how we do it

  1. Weekly Video Lessons: You receive four in-depth lessons per month to help you develop your professional artist practice.
  2. Weekly Goals: You’ll be provided with weekly goals to help you progress in your professional practice. Setting and achieving goals can be instrumental in moving your career forward.
  3. Private Community: You gain access to a private community where you can connect with other artists, ask questions, share your work, and receive feedback.
  4. Artist Talks/Critiques: The membership includes artist talks where you can learn from other artists and receive feedback on your own work.
  5. Professionals in the Arts: The membership offers talks from professionals in the arts industry on various topics related to professional practice.