The Works- 5 Days for FREE

The Works is a Professional Practice Membership to help you navigate the art world and support you. Through our lessonsLearn how to create, organize your art materials, and save time. From materials, websites, studio visits, and more, we have you covered!

The Works gives you access to the following:

  • Weekly Lessons-You receive a video each week by Erika b Hess developed to help you address an area in your practice.
    • This means you get four in-depth lessons a month!
  • Weekly goals – Goals are built into each lesson to help you move forward in your practice.
    • In order to move forward, we need not just to learn but do!
    • The goals are created to be easy to achieve and not overwhelming.
  • A private community to connect with artists- Ask questions, and get feedback on your work and materials.
    • Erika pops in each week to share thoughts, artists, opportunities and offer feedback to questions.
  • Monthly Asset Reviews. Submit questions you have about your work or materials.
      • Support others and get support!
  • BONUS: Artist Talks/Feedback Opportunities: We hold artist talks so you can learn/hear from other artists and get feedback
  • BONUS: We bring in amazing professionals to give a talk about a range of professional practice topics! Examples include: Photographing Work, Approaching Spaces.

All of this for only $47* a month! I know you are ready to up your practice, and I can’t wait to support you!

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