Reaching out to spaces

Remember to adjust the timing for asking etc as it seems fit to YOUR situation.

Social media is a great way to get a foot in the door with a space.

1-Follow them

Follow the galleries and spaces you have discovered through your contemporaries or that you are interested in. Set up a notification so you know when they post.

2-Add them to your contacts/ address excel sheet in google.

3-Engage: like their post comment on their post share their posts in your stories like or respond to their stories

4-Consistently do this

5-At 3 months’ time send them a message asking if you can add them to your email list

6-YES: Send a newsletter out to them one week later NO: Send a polite response NO RESPONSE: Keep engaging and send an inquiry in a month

7-Continue to show up on their insta if they didn’t respond but not as aggressively.

If they declined, mark that on your sheet and move to the next one.

8-Send a monthly newsletter to them

9- Two months later ask if you can schedule a studio visit, zoom visit or bring work/ipad with images by

Gallery Packet

A gallery packet is a way to introduce yourself to a gallery. It is printed, sent in the mail and contains your materials.

Gallery packet materials: -Cover Letter -CV -Bio -Images

Gallery Packet Before sending them out, do your research.

Your Press Kit is a great thing to use and update and add your cover letter to it.


  • -Research
  • Use their first name if possible
  • Refer to an exhibition or artist
  • Share why you would be a good fit