Anatomy of an Artist Website

This week we diving into the anatomy of a website. Where information is located on your website matters. Below is the basics of your homepage. In this week’s video, I discuss why I prefer a homepage vs landing pages. My goal is to help you create an effective website that is easy to navigate AND update. 


1 – Home page
2 – Images 
3 – About/CV
4 – Contact
5 – Menu 
6 – Available work (optional)

Above are the five main parts of your website with an optional sixth if you are selling your work or want to actively court studio visits.


Your homepage should be clearly laid out. It should contain:

1 – Your name
2 – Instagram link
3 – Where you are located (optional)
4 – Image(s) of your work 

If you primarily work in one medium and predominantly in one series
Website A: Large image of your BEST work/great recent install shot 

If you consistently work in various mediums or various bodies of work
Website B: Separate images with an explanation of what it is that gives a link

5 – Menu

  • The menu should appear on every page including the landing page