You completed the Creative Goal Workshop

Congratulations! I am so happy you took the time to dive into what you want and how to make it happen! I mentioned celebrating and this is a moment to celebrate! You did it! Action is something that is needed to move towards where we want to be and you are already taking the steps.

If you would like, take a moment to reflect and share your thoughts and commitments below:

You are making moves!

If you enjoyed organizing your goals so that you have direction you would love The Works.

I take the guess work out of goal setting in your Professional Practice.

Each month, you receive new lessons like the video you just watched, and goals to move you forward.

And a ton of other great stuff like monthly meet-ups, a private community, artist lectures, optional crits with visiting artists, and more!

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If you feel like this is the time to support yourself and your art making, I would love to work with you!

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I would absolutely love to work with you in The Works. It has been incredible to get to know our members, see them grow, gain confidence, and cheer them on. If this is your time, let’s meet up soon!

Regardless I wish you the best in your practice, and have a wonderful 2024!

Warmly- Erika