Weekly Instructional Videos from Erika b Hess

Get professional guidance from Erika b Hess. Erika is a professional artist and the host/creator of the popular I Like Your Work Podcast. She has curated exhibitions, run open calls and uses her expertise to help YOU confidently put together your materials, social media and reach out to your audience.

Community Equals Success

Artists do not make work in a vacuum and have never succeeded alone. We need each other which is why community is so important! Our private community space allows you to get feedback on your work in a safe space, learn from others, meet new artists, and expand your circle.


Erika's weekly videos provide instruction and each lesson is supported by goals and instruction to help you implement what you have learned! Remember the key to making progress isn't just learning, it's doing!


Live events where you can learn from professionals in the arts industry. Build confidence as they share their experience and knowledge with you.


Artist talks and crits! Learn from artists. Each month we bring in artists to give an artist talk and you can sign up to have them review your work!


Be the first to know about workshops, retreats, and meet ups created by I Like Your Work.