Events for Works Member

Check out our calendar below for live events! All of our events are on zoom and if you miss them they will be on our Recordings Page. 

BONUS: Asset Review

This is the place to submit your materials for review or ask a question. Please submit your questions by Sunday at midnight for review that week. You can go here to submit your questions.

BONUS: Artist Talk and Crit

Each month we bring artists for you to exclusively hear from! They will give a talk about their work and then give critiques/feedback for artists who sign up. For each artist talk, we have three spots for crits. If people have signed up before you, go ahead and put your name in the hat and we will draw three names. Also, remember we have a crit space in our Community! 🙂

BONUS: Workshops!

We bring in amazing professionals to give a talk about a range of professional practice topics! Photographing Work, Approaching Spaces– we will have people in to chat with you!