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with Erika b Hess

Are you ready to confidently get your work out there? If so, join The Works where we walk through all of your materials to make sure they are professional, organized,  AND get feedback on your work in our crit space!  Trust your materials, trust your work, easily apply to open calls and find the right audience. In The Works we focus on materials, mindset and movement!

Materials: Professional Practice training for all your materials from your CV, artist bio, and images to social media and your website. Not only do we make sure they are professional, we make sure they are organized.

Mindset: Gain confidence through guidance, feedback and support from Erika b Hess and our community.

Movement: Find the right audience and learn how to start contacting them!

Be the first to know when we open up the doors to The Works!

Do You...

Feel like other people in the arts know more than you?

Wonder how other artists navigate open calls?

Feel like you spend too much time worrying about your social media and website?

Wonder why you are constantly wasting time redoing your materials?

It's time to get answers so you can get the shows
and you don't have to do it alone


Applying to Open Calls confidently and with ease!

Having support to help you as you navigate new opportunities. 

Easily find your materials to apply without feeling overwhelmed.

Know exactly how to reach out to new spaces and audiences online.

Confidently approach art spaces without doubting yourself.

Join the waitlist and be alerted when we open back up!

Created by artist, curator and podcast host of I Like Your Work podcast, The Works gives you behind the scenes info to help you understand the process of getting your work featured, into shows and galleries.

Does this sound like you?

I want to spend less time figuring out the administrative side of my studio practice.

I want to understand social media and what happens in an open call behind the scenes.

I want to know my materials and images have been put together that is professional.

I want to connect with more artists to build my community and have more opportunties.

As a Works Member you receive:

Weekly Instruction from Erika b Hess

Get professional guidance from Erika b Hess. Erika is a professional artist and the host/creator of the popular I Like Your Work Podcast. She has curated exhibitions, run open calls and uses her expertise to help YOU confidently put together your materials, social media and reach out to your audience.

Community equals Success

Artists do not make work in a vacuum and have never succeeded alone. We need each other which is why community is so important! Our private community space allows you to get feedback on your work in a safe space, learn from others, meet new artists and expand your circle.

Live Events From Professionals in the Industry

Learn from professionals in the arts industry as they share their experience and knowledge with you. Build your confidence by learning from professionals in the industry.

Being a Works member has helped me build confidence in my work and exposed me to the varied expressions of what an art “career” can look like. Erika truly cares about helping artists of all levels in developing their artistic visions. Becoming a Works member was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my art journey, and I’m looking forward to becoming more involved with the Works community.
watercolor, circle paint, artistic-4525735.jpg
Michelle Becker Works Member

Meet Your Host, Artist & Creator of I Like Your Work Erika b Hess

Confidently approach art spaces and share your work with a larger audience by using resources created by Erika b Hess. Through her experience running the popular podcast, I Like Your Work, Erika has been able to help artists find the right mindset and organize their materials so they can show their work.

It's time for your work to be seen


I get it! I'm an artist too.

I created the Works Membership after years of interviewing and learning from artists, gallerists and entrepreneurs. My experience curating exhibitions, being a guest curator for many spaces you know, and running open calls has given me a behind the scenes view of the application process that I want to share with you! I’ve been on both the application side and the reviewing side and want to share what I’ve learned with you!

Loved the option to be a “Works Member;” too many tools to name that have assisted in my studio practice.
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Antoinette Wysocki: Works Member

Be the first to know when we open up the doors to The Works!

Enrollment is not open right now but get on the list to be the first to know when we open the doors

During my time as a Works Member I have learned what it is like to be an artist. I don’t know any artists well. I love “overhearing” these conversations and feel bonds and commonality even though I’m working alone.
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Anna Brown: Works Member

Have questions? We have answers!

Common Questions

Weekly instruction from Erika b Hess: each week you will receive content from Erika covering the topic of the week. A private community to meet other artists and live events from professionals in the industry.

We cover a range of topics such as: Materials, Social Media, Website, building an email list,  how to organize your digital materials, building an audience, and reaching out and more. 

I am a painter with an active studio practice and gallery representation. I created and currently host the podcast I Like Your Work and curate open calls and exhibitions. On top of this I’m a mom to three so I understand the need for time management. I received my MFA from Boston University, spent three years in NYC working as a studio assistant to amazing artists, and then worked in art admissions reviewing artwork. I also co-founded MUSA Collective, an artist collective in Boston, MA because I realized how crucial community for artists really is. I also love artists. I love being one, I love talking to fellow artists and I genuinely want others to succeed which is why I started this membership.

Oh YES, Erika has filled a niche or need indeed! At least from my perspective. Specifically, at this particular time I really appreciate her honesty, willingness to be vulnerable and generosity. She is modeling how to put herself out-there and I appreciate that!
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Current Works Member

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