Happy 2024!
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I am excited you are here to work on your goals for 2024 and beyond. This workshop was created to help artists like you discover what goals are truly important, refine your goals so they are achievable, and, most importantly, break them down so you have a plan on how to implement them.

This self-reflective workshop is meant to uncover what motivates you and what you want out of your creative practice. Everyone will have different goals because we are all different, which is wonderful. Make sure you are comfortable, and grab a beverage of your choice, a journal, and have your writing utensils handy. I am currently rocking lots of pens and highlighters. Let’s have fun and get ready for a wonderful 2024!


This is for all the artists who know they are meant for so much in this world.
I am here to help get you there and cheer you on.


Get ready to dial in, reflect, write, and envision what will make 2024 one of the best years yet!

Creative Goals Workshop with Erika b Hess
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I hope you enjoy your FREE Workshop

If you want to dive into your practice and take steps to move forward in your career this year, check out The Works! Our members benefit from having a map laid out for them of goals to achieve to make their practice easier. From creating lists of galleries, reworking materials, and learning more about galleries, residencies, grants, and more, The Works is a place to learn, get organized, and ask questions. I would love to have you in our meetups and chat community! 

 I would absolutely love to work with you in The Works. It has been incredible to get to know our members, see them grow, gain confidence, and cheer them on. If this is your time, let’s meet up soon!

Regardless I wish you the best in your practice, and have a wonderful 2024!

Warmly- Erika

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